I expected to be greeted with gloomy skies when I came to Seattle but it has been surprisingly sunny these few days. It’s kinda hard to imagine that this city has one of the highest suicidal rates, because it seems completely otherwise.

You get the safe/clean-city vibe the moment I got out of the airport and onto the light rail. Vastly different from New York City, which even though it was my second time visiting, it’s not that easy to feel at ease.

The lifestyle of New York is just like Singapore. Everyone’s always in a hurry, everyone’s always chasing after something. While you walk down the streets you unconsciously end up walking as fast as everyone else, even though there’s really nowhere that you’re going. It seems impossible to take a stroll down times square at night (not to mention if it’s Christmas week). It’s like even if you wanna stop and smell the roses, the world around you doesn’t seem to welcome that idea.

People are generally well-dressed, at least in Manhattan. It’s a place with pretty buildings, pretty lights, and pretty people. But you’d see the extremes – working class people clad in branded businesses wear, and the homeless begging for change loitering along the same streets.

To me, NYC’s an impressionistic city. Materialism is everything, packaging is priority. You feel compelled to dress well. It’s like a pretty city hiding behind a facade.