This Ain’t Goodbye

It really doesn’t feel like I’ve traveled for almost 3 weeks. And I can’t believe this will be last night of my solo adventure.

You know, I could really get use to this kinda nomadic lifestyle. I guess it took an initial period to get used to the irrational concerns and fears of traveling solo, like having a major flight/accommodation screw-up, meeting weird people, or getting into sticky situations. And having an imaginative mind really doesn’t help cos you’ll start coming up with all sorts of possible scenarios like getting robbed, falling off a trail, fainting from hunger pangs, or getting stalked by some weirdo. And the list goes on and on.

I think after the first week of traveling I got the hang of things and got more settled in moving around and about pretty smoothly. And as the time when on I get less creeped out by those bad catastrophic scenarios my brain likes to postulate.

Of course when I get to a new city I’d usually start off being more cautious and checking out and exploring nearby areas first before venturing further out during the subsequent days. I’m pretty glad that I did my homework and spent those late nights before the trip reading online resources and planning my trip itinerary and details. It was a grueling process to plan city after city, especially having 7 cities to deal with in total. But it was good to have done that because it really takes away a lot of unnecessary stress and concerns when you’re traveling. Typically I’d be pretty tired out by the end of each day; imagine having to plan the next day’s stuff from scratch every night – I think by the first or second week I’d call it quits already. It spoils all the enjoyment of your trip and if you start dreading your days, then that’s not a holiday anymore.

I’m actually pretty surprised by how smooth things went during these 3 weeks. Apparently I got to all my destinations in one piece, never overslept, had all my flights being pretty much on time, went to most attractions/places that I really want to go as planned, and did not lose anything (lol). Biggest surprise is that my backpack has about just as much stuff as I started off. I thought by the second or third city by backpack would be overflowing and I’d be dying trying to squeeze everything in. I did a good job refraining myself from impulsive purchases (I’d remind myself – NO SPACE IN MY CARRYON). I bought a couple of useless things as usual, but nothing very big so thankfully my backpack’s not screaming from suffocation.

This trip has proven how much you can really do in just three weeks. Every city was awesome in its own way and people treated me well. I guess it was a bit of luck too that everything went well and met some really nice people along the journey.

It was a good decision to write; writing is like doing AAR on a daily basis. A lot of thoughts and memories get lost because they don’t get recorded down somewhere and it’s sometimes such a waste. The best thing about writing is that you’ll think through the day’s happenings and try to pick out all the little bits that made it eventful and special. And you’d realize they don’t have to be big spectacular stuff. Today I went back to the same restaurant for dinner because I loved the food (and mini desserts) there too much. I had another round of scrumptous food and when I was footing the bill, the waiter drew a smiley face on my receipt. I almost LOLed. The little things that make you laugh/smile and brighten your day. Even running into someone in the lift that’s staying on the same floor as me in the hotel gave me a good laugh, especially when that guy started calculating the probability of having 2 people in the same lift going to the same floor (except the ground floor), lol stats geek.

I now also realize how much I miss the outdoors. Combed Greenlake Park in Seattle, hiked Lands End and biked across Golden Gate to Sausalito in SF, biked the lake trails and city area in Austin… I can definitely say that the most enjoyable parts of this trip were all the outdoor activities and explorations on foot/bike. More than determined to get my knee back up in good condition because that’s really all that’s stopping me from running/biking/hiking.

Give me another chance and I’ll definitely backpack solo again. So soulful and so enriching; you’d feel like your hearts all filled up with a million happy and epic moments that blew you away. Glad that I took a leap of faith and went on this adventure.

P.S. I think I’ll continue writing still, even after this trip ends. Writing’s highly addictive.