It’s like a war raging inside when your head behaves like an economist, and your heart’s like a Shakespearean poet. Each day you fight for resolution, each day you fight for some peace and some tranquility. Even for just a bit of silence.

The mind demands rationality, it sorts things into two simple buckets – cost and benefit. It is straightforward. The weight of each bucket will tell you the answer.

The soul fights for something more, something intangible that the mind doesn’t believe. Things that you can’t put into any bucket. Things that transcends beyond rationality, that cuts deep through the infinity of your being. Things that you can’t quite find words to describe.

How do you move on without letting go?


More than meets the eye

Today I realized; nothing is really that hard to comprehend if you pay close attention.

PeopleĀ are complex creatures, I absolutely agree. But we are creatures of habit, and that makes us predictable to some extent. To understand a person takes a lot of time to slowly put together minuscule puzzle pieces of habit and pattern. But that doesn’t render the comprehension impossible.

Quite too often we hear people saying things like “sometimes I really don’t understand you at all”. And I wonder, after knowing someone that long, can we really not understand someone at all? If that is so, then what were we doing during all that time spent together if we weren’t trying to know that person?

There are always reasons behind every behaviour we display. Sometimes we are conscious of it, and sometimes we aren’t. But there are always reasons. Quite often, I realized, differing behaviours spring out from the same underlying reason. I think understanding a person is trying to figure out those underlying reasons. And the belief systems and values and principles associated with those reasons that makes up the core of a person’s personality.

When we are able to map out the very core of a person, then acceptance and empathy becomes easy to extend.