No place to be ending but somewhere to start

I think the most ironic place for a person who doesn’t believe in luck, chance or gambling is Vegas. Didn’t know that Vegas started off as a railway town; licensed to allow gambling since 1931. That’s like 80 years of gambling history. Wonder how much money has been lost by gamblers in Vegas. And people still go back. I still think it is quite amazing that people can put so much on the table and leave the future returns to (some portion) chance. Hardcore players are usually extremely skilled, have good judgment and have the ability to calculate their risks as they progress through a game. I admire such people, cos to me such games are like rocket science.

I decided to stop procrastinating and start working. Too much of anything isn’t good, no?

2 more hours to kill. And they don’t even have a cafe here. I thought I could at least get a second breakfast while waiting.