So the city came back to life. It’s so scary that the world can be gone in one day and come back the next. Like some mega vacuum cleaner landed on Earth and sucked everyone away and later realized they got the wrong stuff and threw everyone back. Okay that’s a crappy illustration.

I think you can fall in love with every city and say they are all nice but each city has its special definition of nice. I’m not being very objective here, yes I know, but coming from Seattle you can’t help but make comparisons.

San Francisco gives you an older city feel. Buildings, streets and transport systems here honestly seem a little less aesthetically pleasing, like the city has gone through wind wind rain rain (do direct translation to Chinese). It’s like San Francisco’s this big brother city that has gone through and seen more of the roads of life ahead. Nevertheless, that’s first impressions. Maybe I’ll correct that after 4 nights here.

I love San Francisco’s street cars (or maybe street cars in general). They make you feel like you’re on some retarded roller coaster ride. You can close your eyes and almost imagine the car suddenly diving down a steep drop. I like the sound of the street car wheels screaming against the metal tracks when the car turns around a corner. The clanky sounds are like those you hear from old-school bumpy roller coasters. Add that to the fact that I got myself a Muni pass, so I practically spammed street cars all day long.

I realized that all I need is to visit just one awesome place and that makes my day. I could chiong 10 attractions in one day but that has no meaning if none of them made my heart smile inside out. Traveling to me isn’t about ticking off iconic, must-see attractions that you’d find within the top ten To-Do’s on Trip Advisor from your list. I could just visit one special place, even if it’s just one street, and I’d feel like this trip was a blast.

Visiting Lombard Street totally made my day. That street has an insanely steep incline, probably 45degrees, and the famous zig-zag street down Russian Hill was crazy. I think that would be the ultimate course for a driving test. Kudos to the urban planners of that area. Living up there must be like being at the top of the world.